Some Interesting Things about Mike

The #1 thing you need to know about me is that my wife wasn’t insane when I met her. Her neuroses have matured over the years. This has nothing to do with me or the fact that I incessantly whistle the last song I heard or that I use cheesy puns way too much (but I think they’re pretty gouda). Oh, and the #1 thing you should know about my wife, besides the fact that she’s really not neurotic (I don’t want her to obsess that people will really believe that), is that she’s very “handy” with sign language–she took deaf education in college where we met 25 years ago.

Together we have four kids (it’s rather difficult to do it apart) who have now somehow made it to teenhood and early adulthood.

On the side I do some writing, editing, coaching, speaking, training, consulting, and cycling and I’m working hard to live life to the full with the highs and lows of long-term type 1 diabetes. I believe laughter is a great way to care for diabetes and other illnesses, and so I do my best to keep it flowing. My life mission is simply to make an impact using the tools I’ve so graciously been given and to try to not drive my wife, my family, or my friends any more insane than they are.

I’ve played a lot of roles in my life. A few of the more interesting: I’ve been a college cheerleader, women’s clothing-store manager, and minister.

I operate Small Group Leadership, LLC (, a ministry focused on training and supporting small group leadership (obviously). I am also a freelance writer and editor, addressing topics such as diabetes, cycling, other sports, marriage and family, and life in general.

I’m the author of 15 books and discussion guides. See my books page for more information and please click the links there and buy a few. I have to pay for all those counseling sessions and medication.

Small Group Leadership Website
Small Group Leadership Blog Page

6 thoughts on “Some Interesting Things about Mike

  1. Hey Mike! Great stuff. I liked your MTB article (see my avatar, obviously). 😉

    Couple of things:
    1. Your books link is dead above — no Writings.html (or writings.html, or just writings, you catch my drift).
    2. Use larger pics — I clicked the couple in you article, and the resulting pics we still small. Use big ones, like you did for the calculator in your previous blog post.


    From the ‘other’ Michael Mc


    • Thanks, Michael! I’ll work on those. I’m actually meeting with my web designer tomorrow to work on some design issues. I can fix the writings link now, though. Look forward to interacting more with you!


  2. Hi Mike! Good to read about you. I actually took some time this morning to dig deeper into your blog. I didn’t get to read them all but enjoyed the ones I did. My grandmother lived with type 1 and I never heard her complain about it. Come to think of it I don’t remember her ever complaining about anything! There should be no other way we live. We miss seeing you all and tell Heidi and the family a big hello from the Leite family!


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